JUNE 27, 2020 / Oslo, Norway



For IMA – International Management Assistants it is important to take responsibility for our impact on the environment. Since we are an organization that arranges many events for our members, both globally, nationally and regionally we work proactively to minimize our negative climate impact by having an environmental mindset in our processes.

As a member’s organization, we will not be able to attract younger generations if we don’t take our responsibility for climate impact and have an ambitious mission. The planet is our home and we all have a responsibility to preserve it for future generations. We understand that this requires a behavioral change, and that we cannot continue with the same practices as we do today. Some areas will be easy to address and change, other will take time and our creativity to achieve. We also acknowledge that our members, Management Assistants, are buyers and can in turn affect many decisions at their own workplaces. IMA aims to bring awareness, inspire and motivate members and partners to act as role models in contributing to a sustainable world.


Opening of the Training Day

Workshop 1 - Part 1

Coffee Break

Workshop 1- Part 2


Workshop 2 - Part 1

Coffee Break

Workshop 2 - Part 2

Plenary closing

End of the Training Day



    • Early bird until 14/02/2020: €125
    • From 15/02/2020: €175

    • Early bird until 14/02/2020: €175
    • From 15/02/2020: €225

VENUE: Clarion Hotel The Hub

With the best location right in the centre of Oslo, Clarion Hotel The Hub is the perfect starting point for Oslo experiences.

Clarion Hotel The Hub is a new and spectacular hotel that offers exciting food with local roots, arenas to inspire, challenge, create and share.

Booking code: IMA20
Single room NOK 1670,- per night, including breakfast and VAT.
Double room NOK 1770, - per night, including breakfast and VAT.
To book your room click HERE

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  • Katharina Paoli

    Managing Director and founder of A Win Win World and Chairwoman of the Nudging Sweden-network.

    Katharina is one of Sweden's most hired lecturers and workshop leaders in nudging for sustainable choices.

    She has more than 10 years of experience as a communications strategist focusing on CSR and sustainability communication and has a very good educational ability to communicate knowledge and messages orally.

    Katharina has good experience in implementing behavioural impact projects where nudging has been applied as a method and she has driven nudging-projects for both municipal authorities and companies. Katharina is also an adviser to the Nordic Innovation House Cleantech Initiative in Silicon Valley and a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps – Al Gore's global network of leaders who have taken on the climate issue.

  • Ann De Bisschop

    Ann De Bisschop has worked in media companies for more than 25 years and held various management positions.

    She successfully launched the radio stations Qmusic and JOE. She was a member of the Medialaan executive committee for more than 15 years.

    After being commercial director at first, she later became radio director, to become finally wellbeing director for the entire media group.

    She realizes better than anyone that the working climate and rhythm in many companies take a high toll. With concrete tips and strong eye-openers, she shows employees and managers how to do better... She brings a keynote full of practical tips for healthy, happy, motivated employees. Because only in that way your organization can be futureproof!


Workshop 1

Thank God it’s Monday! – smart working makes you happier & healthier - Ann De Bisschop

Ann’s wellbeing policy & keynote is based on 3 pillars: mental balance, physical health and healthy food. With her experience and know-how from Medialaan and the knowledge from the many conversations with the experts from her book, she now inspires many companies.

"I am passionate about people and always want to get the best out of them. I believe that employees are the most important capital for any company. That is why investing in the wellbeing of employees is not a superfluous luxury. Colleagues who feel good will go the extra mile and make a difference. Only with happy employees you will have satisfied customers, with 20% more sales as a result.”

Ann is a frequently keynote speaker because of her authentic and sympathetic approach.

The 3 take-aways:
- more focus means less stress
- give both your body and your brain a regular break
- more efficient meetings, the right email culture and the importance of digital detox time

Workshop 2

Nudging for sustainable choices - Katharina Paoli

In recent years, Nudging has become increasingly recognized as an effective method for promoting behavioral change and guiding people in various choices. A nudge can be described as a small friendly push in the right direction - without being coercive. By arranging the choice architecture, one can encourage and remind people to make more conscious choices and make it easy to do the right thing.

How can we, through nudging, create change both for the individual, for the company and for society at large? How do we get more people to make more sustainable choices? How do we arrange the choice architecture so that it is easy to do the right thing? How can you as a Management Assistant use nudging in your role and inspire your management team, for example in terms of communication with employees to influence positive behaviors? These are questions that nudging can answer to, and one of Sweden's foremost lecturers and experts on the subject is Katharina Paoli.

Katharina will tell you more about what the concept of nudging means, show examples of several successful cases, highlight common misconceptions about nudging and show how to apply nudging in practice. In addition, you get to take part in a hands on 6-step work process with best-practice to analyze behavioral problems, create nudges, set up pilot studies to test the effect of the nudges and get insights on how to evaluate the results and implement the right nudge on a larger scale.

After the workshop, the participants will have learned about the following: · Theory of what nudging is and why we need to be nudged · Inspirational examples of nudging · Methodology for working on nudging projects and a 6-step work process for this · Experience in starting to analyze behavior and create nudges based on their own specific cases · Hands on tips to start running your own nudging project right after the course



    Thursday 23 April 2020


    Clarion Hotel The Hub


    Thursday 23 April 2020

    20:00 - 23:00

    Clarion Hotel the Hub, Chambre, 2nd floor.

    "Dish of the day” including one glass of wine.


    Friday 24 April 2020

    19:00 - 22:30

    Grand Hotel Oslo, Karl Johans gate 31, Speilen room

    Dinner including 2 drinks


  • Guided tour: 2 hours walking tour «Heart of Oslo»

    Price: 10 EUR per person

    We will start at the hotel and walk down to the harbor and see the wonderful Opera House, the new Munch Museum and the hill Ekeberg, by the foot of which Oslo was founded.

    Opera Photo by Arvid Malde on Unsplash

  • From there, we will wander through the historic Kvadraturen, past the medieval fortress, via the City Hall to the Royal Palace. Onwards, down through the city centre, along Karl Johan’s street, where we'll see the Old University, the National Theatre, the Parliament and the 1690's cathedral on the way back to the hotel.

    Throughout the tour, there will be short stops with information, stories and anecdotes on both the historic and future aspects of Oslo.

    The Royal Castle: Photo by: Reinhard-Karl Üblacker on Pixabay


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