Menekse Ahbab

Some experiences are indeed unforgettable! Like the panel I was a part of last week, taking place in the last session of the online IMA Conference "How to stay relevant for business?"

Under the terrific moderation of Chantal Sneijkers, with my dear colleagues and friends Sofie Koark and Karin Hélène IMA Sweden - International Mgmt Assistants, Glòria Gratacòs-Cases from IMA Spain, and Corrie Fourie from IMA South Africa, we discussed how we spent 2020 under the shadow of #covid19impacts and the future of our profession.

Both IMA - International Management Assistants members and non-members watched the panel, which drew a total of 300 people. Valuable messages were shared throughout the panel, and I want to share some of my notes:

  • Change is inevitable. To manage change, we have to focus on the opportunities within the crisis. As Jackson Brown says “Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor.” ✍️ Menekşe
  • Embrace adaptability and change. Welcome change and uncertainty in all aspects of our lives, also in our jobs. ✍️Gloria
  • Lifelong learning is essential. It is important that we take responsibility for our own development. This is the time to take the step - to join a network ✍️ Karin
  • Developing digital skills is important. We should use office time for social meetings and creativity – nurture our relationships and develop our social skills. ✍️ Sofie
  • We need each other to survive! Human connection is key to career acceleration, health, productivity, and happiness in and out of the workplace. ✍️ Corrie
  • Last but not least, I can’t agree more with Chantal’s closing statement: “Passion is what we share: the passion for our profession and of course for our Association.” And "Yes, We Will Survive!"