Sabrina Franchini 2022

Sabrina Franchini, IMA Belgium, has just left the Executive PR Officer position in the EC after the allowed six years. So what was it like - the highs and the lows - can it be recommended?


I had a chat with Sabrina - one of our many chats of the years - and asked her about her time in the EC. 

Why did you decide to become part of the EC?

After 6 years in an official position at the national level (National PRO and National Chairman), my clear ambition was to join the executive committee as I was convinced I had the potential to offer my experience to the benefit of our association.

When the vacancy of Executive PRO did open, it was right before the rebranding from EUMA to IMA therefore I saw it as the ideal timing for me to apply for this role because I would start with a challenge and in everything I do I need the adrenaline !

Sounds like the right timing indeed! So tell me, what did you get out of being in the EC?

IMA is a safe surrounding as we are among peers and this experience enables you to spread your wings.  Especially if you step up in an official position, this is a unique opportunity to learn a lot and get out of your comfort zone.

After such an experience you will never be the same person.

It’s so interesting to share and discover different ways of working and different opinions and visions.

Indeed - is that why you think others should get involved in the NC or the EC?

Absolutely -  stepping up is an official position really gives you the feeling to be part of the decision body of the association and allows you to make sure our voice is heard and recognize to defend our profession.

I would feel like I had lost a great opportunity if I would not have gone for these challenges.

So among all these challenges  - what is your greatest achievement?

I have never started this journey with a wish to be rewarded of to “win” something.  I therefore treasure each moment, everything that has been achieved as a team because that’s what prevails for me when you are part of an association on a voluntary basis.

It however goes without saying that the most important milestones during my 6 years are the rebranding and the new website.

And what is your fondest memory?

Well, difficult to give only one as I have so many of them.  Fun ones, stress ones or all the ones which relate to the friendship you have thanks to IMA. And all the stories you create during the meetings and the workshops but also in the bar of the hotels when we all reinvent the world and laugh very loud !

That does sound like good times! But I'm sure you also had some hard times - what was  the hardest issue to overcome?

Nothing is really hard because as from the moment you decide to go for it, you are ready to embrace all the challenges linked to the role which you combine with the various cultural approach of the national groups you are working with.

And you best advice to the next PRO?

 Be yourself ! Nail the role to your personality and you will achieve your goals and leave your footprint when you will step down.


Thank you Sabrina - also from me personally, we've had a great cooperation during the past many years! Enjoy having a bit more time to yourself, although knowing you, you will probably be busy busy anyhow :-)