IMA Webinars 2021

Did you know?

As a member of IMA, you can watch a replay of the webinars for 30 days after the webinar.

Did you know?

As a member of IMA, you can watch a replay of the webinars for 30 days after the webinar.

IMA offers our members regular webinars for free with high quality content and with excellent speakers/trainers. It is about lifelong learning to ensure that your competence is up-to-date.

Below you will find the list of webinars for 2021, as soon as we open for registration you can click the link and sign up.

Most of our webinars will be for free and only for members - but we might open some of them for non-members for a fee.

2021 webinars

  • January 26, 19.00-20.00 CET

    To virtually excel and to excellently support with meeting and presentation

    The screen is the new meeting room. Distractions, tech-set ups and digital fatigue are your boundaries to overcome and to support your management with. That's why we are exclusively offering you this interactive opportunity to increase your communication skills in digital meetings and presentations. Easy tips and tricks for sound, video and slides will be alternated with advise and principles to engage across screens. After this session you'll be empowered to support or drive your next presentation virtually with new tools to rapidly increase your continued digital development.

    Read more about this webinar and register here.

  • February 23, 19.00-20.00 CET

    Power Up with PowerPoint

    Your executive, manager or client hands you a Word document with the words, please turn this into an all singing all dancing PowerPoint presentation for me, Oh and I need it yesterday…. Sound familiar?

    Your instructor is Shelley Fishel.

  • March 23, 19.00-20.00 CET

    Teams for assistants

    In the current working climate, we have all had to adjust. However Microsoft Teams was around before the pandemic and it is getting better by the day. There are so many things you can do when working in Teams, from chatting with your colleagues to collaborating on documents and using Apps effectively.

    Your instructor is Shelley Fishel.

  • May - date tbd

    More info later.

  • June - date tbd - webinar deluxe with a conference teaser

    More info later - this will be a deluxe version of our webinars and act as a conference teaser.

  • September – date tbd

    More info later

  • November - date tbd

    More info later

  • December – date tbd

    More info later

2020 webinars

  • Managing Mental Health in these Challenging Times

    By David Beeney 10 December 2020 at 19.00CET

  • Our mental health has never been so challenged on mass as we struggle to cope with the coronavirus. In this webinar we look at the best ways of maintaining our mental resilience as we attempt to come out of a range of lockdown scenarios. Learning outcomes include: We look at how to spot the signs that a colleague maybe suffering with poor mental health and then how best to start a wellbeing conversation without making them feel awkward. We look at the importance of using the right language to encourage honest and open conversation about wellbeing We look at how you can assess your own mental health and improve your own levels of personal resilience during challenging times. We look at how to inspire our fellow employees to be more open by saying ‘it’s okay not to be okay’ and by sharing our own vulnerabilities

    Read about the trainer here.