Annual Conference - 26 October 2018 - Frankfurt, Germany

The Digital Age:
The Future of the
Executive Assistant -
Technology, Leadership, You

It is our pleasure to invite you to the Annual Conference 2018.

The Digital Age:
The Future of the Executive Assistant -
Technology, Leadership, You

The digital age is already changing our private and business life, but this is only a start. Hence, we will focus on how digitization will affect our business environment and our profession in the years to come. The changes brought on by digitization are coming fast and are much more sustainable than the internet itself. All industries face exponential technology advances. To be a winner, you have to act now to build your strategic advantage – as a person and as an organization.

The companies we work for are building up their digital strategy to cope with the necessary transformation. Digitization will affect their businesses with regards to customer experience, product and service innovation, the organization itself and last but not least people, culture and leadership. We will see major changes in the near future.

During this conference we will address these changes, as they will also have a major impact on our profession. You will be learning useful lessons and receive insights into the ever more present topic of "The Digital Age" from high quality and well renowned speakers.

We are looking forward to an event as dynamic and diverse as its location, which is the city of Frankfurt am Main, both traditional & future-oriented. While it is Germany's financial capital and a major European hub, its 700,000 habitants lovingly refer to Frankfurt as "the smallest metropolis in the world". The city of Frankfurt is close to the famous Taunus region, which is well known for its picturesque towns, its fairytale castles and its many vineyards.

Last but not least, we say a big thank you to our sponsors listed at the end of this page.

Are you ready for the biggest wave of innovation and change to your profession? This conference can be your springboard into the digital era. Meet your peers, share and learn.

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The Executive Committee of IMA &
IMA Germany

What we will talk about

Your "digital journey" starts here!

Being a management assistant means nothing less than: you are at the center of the digital transformation of your company. Digitalization has a profound impact on your profession in numerous ways. IMA's Annual Conference is here to support you in this ever-changing environment and to make you a "Rockstar in Digital": knowledgeable, proactive, fearless.

Our program is designed around the three most important driving forces of digitization:

  • Technologies
  • Human Factor
  • Leadership

Your key learnings are:

Driving force #1: Technologies

Learn about the most powerful technological innovations that spark transformation beyond the borders of the "tech-department": Robotics, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence will further change the way we work and collaborate inside and outside of your own company. Envision a world in which your customers and business partners are machines and you know about the needs of your colleagues even before they knock on your door. Future technologies are closer than they appear and they will be "the operating systems of the future way of working".

You will learn from Andrea Martin, CTO of IBM DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), how companies and individuals can benefit from new technologies and big data analytics. IBM's Watson portfolio is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence solutions in the world. Watch the sneak preview of her presentation

Driving force #2: Human Factor: New thinking for the digital age

The most crucial success factor is you. In digitization, everything is nothing without human beings taking the lead, exploring the possibilities, managing the risks and dealing with the challenges. A world full of new opportunities is evolving before our very eyes. It is up to each of us to leverage the enormous potential of technologies and modern style of leadership.

Nicole Dufft and Dr. Torsten Breden will create surprising experiences and introduce you to new ways of thinking.

Driving force #3: Leadership

Connected, transparent, agile: Just three keywords to describe the new paradigm of leadership in the digital age. This type of new leadership needs you as a scout for trends and innovation. It requires new skills and an open, curious mindset. You can help to unlock the potential of new leadership for your organization. Leadership needs to be connected and visionary at the same time. It needs to provide a role model for total customer centricity and empowering innovation across the company. You, the management assistant, can thrive as a change agent for your leadership team and your organization.

Digital leadership is all about collaboration. We're proud to have Tijen Onaran as a keynoter for our program. Tijen is a successful start-up entrepreneur and founder of the very impressive "Global Digital Women" Network. A unique initiative to grow the female voice in the digital space!

Annual Conference Program

  • Agenda

    09:00 Opening IMA Annual Conference
    Else-Britt Lundgren, Executive Chairman

    09:15 Welcome and Introduction
    Michael Beilfuss, Conference Facilitator

    09:30 Opening Key Note
    Tijen Onaran, MD Global Digital Women

    10:15 The Technology Factor - The necessary evil or rather the enabler for digital reinvention?
    Andrea Martin, CTO of IBM DACH

    10:45 Our Partners in the Digital Age: Thalys

    11:00 Coffee Break

    11:30 New Thinking for the Digital Age: How to Survive in the VUCA world
    Presentation & Interactive Practice Sessions
    Nicole Dufft & Dr. Torsten Breden, fibonacci & friends

    12:30 Lunch Break

  • 13:30 Conclusion New Thinking for the Digital Age
    Dr. Torsten Breden, fibonacci & friends

    13:45 Raffle and Thank You to our Sponsors

    14:00 Our Partners in the Digital Age: Executive Secretary Magazine
    Lucy Brazier, Owner

    14:15 The Leadership Factor
    Tijen Onaran, MD Global Digital Women

    14:45 Panel Discussion
    Sofie Koark, IMA Sweden
    Lizebeth K. Green, IMA France
    Tijen Onaran, MD Global Digital Women
    Dr. Torsten Breden, fibonacci & friends
    Facilitator: Michael Beilfuss

    15:15 Coffee Break

    15:45 Interactive Session: Market Place of Ideas

    16:45 Wrap-up and Closing
    Michael Beilfuss, Conference Facilitator
    Else-Britt Lundgren, Executive Chairman

    17:15 End of Annual Conference

Our Speakers

  • Tijen Onaran

    Tijen Onaran is a businesswoman, presenter and speaker. She advises companies with startup affairs in public relations work and is involved in her Global Digital Women initiative for networking and visibility of women in the digital industry. In addition, Tijen Onaran regularly publishes as a member of the Handelsblatt Expert Council, and is also active as a columnist for Lead Digital. Furthermore, she was admitted to the Faculty Board for Digital Leadership of the Management School St.Gallen.
    Prior to her self-employment, Tijen Onaran was responsible for European deputies and members of the German Federal Parliament, for the Federal President's Office as well as for associations and a university in executive functions. Lastly, Tijen is a jury member at the Digital Leader Award, initiated by Dimension Data and IDG Business Media GmbH, as well as at the Corporate Culture Award of the Serviceplan Group.

  • Andrea Martin

    Andrea Martin is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for IBM in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). Her goal is to develop innovative solutions addressing her clients' business challenges. In addition, she is responsible for state-of-the-art skill development for the technical community and ensuring a high level of motivation and commitment among them. Last but not least, it's her responsibility to represent IBM's technical thought leadership externally.

  • Nicole Dufft

    Nicole Dufft is Partner & Co-Founder of fibonacci & friends and an expert for digital transformation, innovation and design thinking.

    She is a digitization expert and co-founded fibonacci & friends because she believes that real transformation has to start with people rather than technology. In the past, Nicole mostly took on the technology perspective: for more than 20 years, she analyzed the impact of technology and digitization trends on business and society. She was managing director of a consulting boutique and member of the management team of a leading European market analysis and consulting company for the IT industry. Nicole has a passion for digital-social innovations: together with the better place lab and the WHU Foundation she works for a digitization that benefits humanity.

  • Dr. Torsten Breden

    Dr. Torsten Breden is Founder & Managing Director fibonacci & friends and expert in new leadership, transformational change and high-performing organizations.

    Torsten is the initiator of the resonance consulting approach and forward thinker for innovation processes and living organizations. Already during his studies of psychology, philosophy and art history he focused on the quality of human relationships. Torsten acquired his consulting skills in major transformation projects for numerous international corporations. Based on this experience, his academic background and more than twenty years of practice in Japanese martial arts and Zen he has developed, piloted and introduced the resonance consulting approach. He loves to scrutinize existing thinking patterns, explore new avenues and release positive energy and enthusiasm in people. In addition to his consulting work, Torsten has been a frequent lecturer, speaker and author of numerous publications. By founding fibonacci & friends he lives his dream of a new quality of consulting.

  • Sofie Koark

    Sofie Koark has 12 years’ experience as Executive Assistant supporting Entrepreneurs/CEO:s. Since 2012 she is Executive Assistant to the Founder/CEO & Group management of Academic Work Sofie has a Master’s degree in Art History and a Bachelor’s degree in Museum Studies/Cultural heritage. She is IMA Training Officer in Sweden and will represent Sweden at the World Administrators’ Summit 2018 in Frankfurt.

    What do you think of the management assistant in the digital age?

    I think that there has never been a more exciting time to be a management assistant! Digitizing and new technology will give us excellent opportunities to develop our role into a more valuable position. More into leadership, communication, collaboration and projects. Being curious, having a growth mindset and committing to life-long learning is essential to be on top of this development. To support management in a more digital world, it’s crucial to have an understanding of how digital solutions are evolving, and how to use them. The combination of digital skills, using digital tools, and soft skills will be a winning combo for our profession.

  • Lizebeth K. Green

    Lizebeth is bilingual in French and English. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the Senior Country Director of Symantec France. Lizebeth has been with Symantec for fourteen years. Prior to that, she worked as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of one of Microsoft partners, Areda Computer Systems, in San Diego, California. Lizebeth is very passionate about learning and teaching Information Technology Software. She often trains Executives, Sales Reps, and Admin Professionals on Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Outlook. Lizebeth is a proud member of IMA France (International Management Assistants Network). She is currently serving as Deputy Administrative Officer and Training Coordinator and she enjoys lecturing and speaking about Information Technology in general, at administrative conferences and events. Lizebeth holds a degree in Office Management from the University of Paris Créteil. She was born in Paris, France but grew up in Fremont, California. Currently, she resides in Paris, France with her six-year-old daughter, Aaliyah. In her spare time, Lizebeth loves studying and learning foreign languages and new information technologies. She is currently studying German and Mandarin Chinese.

    What do you think of the management assistant in the digital age?

    The Executive Administrative Professionals are becoming key players and Business Partners in the Digital Transformation within their organization. They must accompany their Executives and fellow colleagues in the usage and adoption of new products and new technologies to save time, be more efficient, make their life easier, faster, more productive and more convenient for themselves and the people they support. Hence, they need to stay abreast of new productivity tools that can be helpful in their everyday work and in conjunction with the people they work with. This also allows them to stay ahead of the relevant technology, increase their knowledge base and help them be more successful.

Our Facilitator

Michael Beilfuss

Michael will be the host of the day and lead us through the program.

Michael Beilfuss is the Publisher of Germany's leading independent magazine and website on the topic of IT and digitization, COMPUTERWOCHE by IDG (International Data Group). Michael has been involved in technology publishing for over 20 years. „We believe, technology exists to make the world a better place“ is IDG‘s claim; Michael is fully committed to this vision.

Welcome Reception and Dinners

  • Welcome Reception at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel

    Thursday, 25 October 2018
    19:00 - 20:00 hrs

    The Steigenberger Airport Hotel kindly invites you to the welcome reception and to the opening of a great and insightful conference about digitization and the future of our profession.

  • Welcome Dinner: Restaurant Unterschweinstiege SOLD OUT

    Thursday, 25 October 2018
    20:00 - 22:00 hrs

    We invite you to a welcome dinner. The World Administrators Summit participants will join us for this dinner and we will hear about what they have achieved in their meeting on 24 and 25 October 2018.

    The dinner will take place at the Unterschweinstiege, one of the restaurants of the Steigenberger Airport Hotel.
    A rustic atmosphere and coziness: hospitality is not just an empty word here! At the Unterschweinstiege, there are regional specialties and seasonal dishes from native products on the versatile menu. Let us spoil you in the historic ambiance of this old forester's lodge!

  • Conference Gala Dinner: Depot 1899

    Friday, 26 October 2018
    19:30 - 23:30 hrs

    We invite you to the networking highlight of Annual Conference: the Gala Dinner at the restaurant "Depot 1899".

    Established in 1899 as the first tram depot solely for the "electric" tram in the Frankfurt city district of Sachsenhausen, it was operated until 2003. Today it is the home to a fancy, yet traditional restaurant.


  • The Historic Eberbach Monastery & Rüdesheim Village along the Rhine River

    Thursday, 25 October 2018
    8:30 - 17:30 hrs

    This tour will take you out of Frankfurt and is ideal to explore its nearby historic and cultural attractions. Amidst the vineyards of the „Rheingau“, Germany‘s most famous wine growing area for Riesling white wine, you will start your day with a visit of the Eberbach Monastery. It invites you to travel back in time and tour the Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque premises and learn about its clerical meaning. Cistercian monks have lived here since its foundation in the year 1136. Filled with clerical culture, wine from the monastery's own vinyards and cellars and history, it gained international attention when the movie „The name of the Rose“ was filmed on its premises. It serves as a principal venue for the annual and highly popular „Rheingau Music Festival“. Then, while driving along the banks of „Father Rhein“ as the Rhine River is called here, you will reach Rüdesheim am Rhein, a very well known winemaking town and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll walk through its most narrow lane, the “Drosselgasse” in its lovely historic old town and will enjoy a regional lunch in a traditional “Gasthaus” where “German Gemütlichkeit” is being celebrated. Taste regional specialties like Riesling wine or Asbach, its popular brandy. A guided tour will introduce you to its historic sites, castles, cobblestoned lanes and rich history. The stay will not end without a cable-car flight over the vinyards up to the “Niederwalddenkmal” with its monumental “Germania” statue. It commemorates with very patriotic German symbols the unification of Germany and the founding of the German Empire in 1871. Located atop of the Rüdesheim hill, you’ll enjoy a wonderful overlook of the Rhine River and its valley.

  • Frankfurt‘s Inner City – constantly transforming

    Thursday, 25 October 2018
    13:30 - 15:00 hrs

    Sunday, 28 October 2018 SOLD OUT 10:00 - 11:30 hrs

    Frankfurt‘s inner city presents itself in many facets …. diverse, surprising, historic but also modern, full of contrasts and constantly changing. During this walking tour you will walk across the historic „Römerberg“ with the City Hall, the newly re-built historic old town in medieval age style and will then continue to the modern bank district with the Deutsche Bank Towers and the only skyscrapers Germany has to offer - and the skyline is continually growing, preparing for new business after the Brexit. You will see the lively „Hauptwache“ with its historic landmark building, which held all vagabonds, drunkards and other misbehaving individuals in custody in former centuries. Your walk will continue across the busy Zeil, Frankfurt‘s main shopping mile to the Palais Quarter with the newly restored Thurn and Taxis Palais. Your guide will be happy to narrate about matters worth learning from history and current developments in the city. After the walk you will have the opportunity to continue with shopping along the famous „Fressgass“ and „Goethestraße“, see the Old Opera House or take pictures with the Bull and the Bear, the mascots of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
    Please note that shops are closed on Sundays and there might be changes to the tour on Sunday, 28 October 2018 due to the Frankfurt Marathon.

  • Frankfurt‘s Famous Women - their lives and influence on the city - CANCELLED

    Thursday, 25 October 2018
    13:30 - 15:00 hrs

    Learn all about Frankfurt‘s famous women. You may expect an exciting tour with extraordinary and surprising stories about the well known and less well known women who lived in Frankfurt. Look forward to an impressive tour full of women‘s power. This walking tour will introduce you to the successful women in literature, painting, arts, sciences, business and politics. Unfortunately, the awareness for these women is still quite underrepresented, for example in history books or even in the naming of the city‘s streets. However, the „weak sex“ was and is stronger than ever. Learn about their success stories and lives. Your guide will also talk about the every day life of the Frankfurt farmers market women and the life in Frankfurt‘s kitchens. Look forward to insights into the biographies of famous Frankfurt ladies like Gundula Rothschild, Maria Sibylla Merian, Bettina Brentano and all the women who pulled the strings in the background like Susanna Margaretha Brandt, Lina von Schauroth or Elisabeth Winterhalter. After the walk you will have the opportunity to continue to see the historic Römerberg with the City Hall or to shop on Frankfurt‘s main shopping mile „Zeil“, the famous „Fressgass“ and „Goethestraße“, see the Old Opera House or visit the Bull and the Bear, the mascots of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

  • "Art in the Towers" - Tour of the Deutsche Bank art collection - SOLD OUT

    Saturday, 27 October 2018
    15:00 - 17:00 hrs

    Art Works - on 60 floors
    The refurbished Deutsche Bank Towers are not only state of the art in terms of sustainability. They house a selection of artwork that reflects the new orientation of the Deutsche Bank Collection. Even when the Towers first opened in the mid 1980s the art concept set standards: From Beuys to the neo-expressive “Junge Wilde” painters – a tour was akin to a trip through German art history after 1945. Today the corporate collection is as global as "Deutsch" itself. In recent decades, not only has the business map grown, but also the art map. In Asia, South America and Africa, vital art scenes have emerged – each with their distinct form of expression. As before, each floor of the Towers is devoted to one artist; around 100 international positions from more than 40 countries are on view. The art is arranged by region. While the young German and European avant-garde is presented in Tower A, artists from Asia, America, the Middle East and Africa can be experienced in Tower B.
    This tour is kindly sponsored by Deutsche Bank.


Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt

Located only about 1 km from the airport, the Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Frankfurt with 40 meeting rooms, is the top address for business events. You can easily reach the city center (approx. 11 km away) by public transportation.

550 stylish rooms and 20 suites provide a luxurious atmosphere and make you feel at home. Enjoy many amenities, including flat-screen TVs, wellness showers, air conditioning, safes, minibars as well as coffee and tea makers.

For more information please refer to the hotel's website.

Room Rates

Single Occupancy:
Euro 149,00 (incl. breakfast / WLAN)

Double Occupancy:
Euro 169,00 (incl. breakfast / WLAN)

Upgrade to Executive category (subject to availability):
Euro 179,00 (single occupancy incl. breakfast / WLAN)

Shuttle Service:
A free-of-charge shuttle service is available from the Steigenberger Airport Hotel to Frankfurt Airport. Please refer to the hotel’s website for further information.

On-site parking is available at a daily rate of Euro 20,00 incl. VAT.

City Tax:
Please be informed that the City of Frankfurt has introduced a city tax of Euro 2,00 per person and day, starting 1 January 2018. The city tax applies to all guests travelling for leisure purposes and is payable upon check-out

How to book

Please book your hotel room directly at the hotel through this link.


Unterschweinstiege 16
60549 Frankfurt am Main

Alternative Hotel

Park Inn by Radisson Frankfurt Airport Hotel

Located close to Frankfurt Airport, the Park Inn by Radisson Frankfurt Airport Hotel offers a modern and colorful place to stay. Unwind in one of our 209 guest rooms featuring free high-speed Wi-Fi, individual climate control and 32-inch LED smart televisions.

For more information please refer to the hotel's website.

Room Rate

Single Occupancy: Euro 125,00 (incl. breakfast / WLAN)

Double Occupancy: Euro 135,00 (incl. breakfast / WLAN)

Upgrade to the next higher category with additional amenities: supplement of 30 Euro per room and night.

Shuttle Service:
The Park Inn offers a shuttle service to Frankfurt Airport at a fee of Euro 4,00 per person. Please refer to the hotel’s website to obtain further information.

On-site parking is available at a daily rate of Euro 24,00 incl. VAT.

City Tax:
Please be informed that the City of Frankfurt has introduced a city tax of Euro 2,00 per person and day, starting 1 January 2018. The city tax applies to all guests travelling for leisure purposes and is payable upon check-out

How to book

Please book your room directly at the hotel:
phone: +49 69 9002763500
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Amelia-Mary-Earhart-Str. 10
60549 Frankfurt

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