Annika Hedström

Annika Hedström – Speaker and trainer

Annika Hedström is an accomplished and experienced trainer specializing in Communication, Public Speaking, Presentation, and Behavior. With over a decade of experience, she has honed her skills and holds the prestigious title of former European champion in both public speaking and debate. Helping others effectively deliver their messages to the audience has been her passion for many years.

For Annika, self-awareness is the foundation of effective communication. Understanding oneself is the starting point, empowering her to connect with others intelligently. Through her expertise, she aims to assist individuals in developing a strong and impactful communication style that truly resonates with their audience.

Based in Oslo, Annika shares her life with her partner and two beloved cats. She words as a Director of Administration and PA in an international environment, as well as a professional trainer. She is a board member of IMA Norway, and manages IMA’s LinkedIn channel.

Whether she is addressing an audience or managing administrative tasks, Annika is dedicated and passionate, always striving to deliver the best. Join her courses and embark on an inspiring and enriching journey toward mastering the art of communication, public speaking, presentation, and behavior!

Annika hosts both physical and online trainings and speaks English, Norwegian and Swedish. Speaker fee to be negotiated and with special arrangements for IMA. Travel costs have to be covered.

You can read more about Annika on LinkedIn and also contact her there.